Measures due to Covid-19.

Due to the current corona pandemic and to protect our employees and to continue general business activities, Knorr & Macho GmbH has introduced appropriate operational measures.

  • the production employees of the individual shifts are separated from each other in terms of time and personnel within the scope of the start / end of work.
  • before start of the shift, no production employee is permitted to enter the production hall or the company area. A corresponding shift collection point was set up for this purpose.
  • entering the changing rooms and the sanitary facilities (toilet free) was forbidden
  • staying in current crisis areas has been banned, or if this is determined, a 2-week free quarantine will be ordered for the respective employee
  • staff in the office area, quality area and in the warehouse either work in separate rooms, or work in daily or weekly rotation within the company
  • home offcie is also possible for certain departments
  • general corporate communication was limited to telephone and e-mail as far as possible. Personal meetings are only permitted in exceptional cases
  • removal from the workplace within a department / between departments should also be avoided
  • disinfectants are sufficiently available for each department
  • each employee was personally informed of the operational measures and general hygiene regulations in a letter