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Technical management

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"Benefit from a perfectly implemented, cost-effective and durable tool realization as part of a state-of-the-art molded rubber part production."

Tool management

Technical implementation
in perfection.

According to this principle we realize, depending on the part geometry, the requirements and specifications of a durable and precision, precise molding tools for rubber moulded parts.
Our experience, paired with many years of cooperation with several German tool suppliers, forms the basis for a cost-efficient injection mold that has been well thought out down to the smallest detail.

This is the only way to ensure flawless, high-quality and sustainable molded part production.

Our experienced and competent project team, consisting of the working areas, "Technical management" and "quality management" is at your side from the beginning, and accompanies you in all further processes up to the series production.

This means that once the drawing and/or CAD data has been received and the subsequent technical feasibility check has been carried out, the injection molding tool will be implemented and sampled immediately. Including the creation of all necessary test reports, documents and IMDS entries by Knorr & Macho. After approval by the customer, then the series production is ready for delivery approx. 2 weeks later (VDA standards). Always under the aspect of the error possibility effects analysis (FMEA) and the claim of the "zero error principle".

So put your tool in our hands and benefit from a perfectly implemented, cost-effective and durable tool realization as part of a state-of-the-art molded rubber part production.

“Take advantage of a perfectly implemented, cost-effective and long-lasting tool implementation in the context of an ultra-modern rubber molding production.”

Tool relocation

Conceptual change & production in just a few days, is another strength of us.

Under sustainable know-how in perfection, we understand:

The technical implementation / realization of the customer-specific molding tools always takes place in cooperation with our long-standing tool suppliers after checking the drawing or currently available CAD data in different file formats.

In cooperation with our experienced and long-standing partners in toolmaking, we realize:

  • Parts sampling in approx. 2 weeks after receipt of order
  • subsequent series production after approx. 3 weeks
  • complete EMPB documentation, IMDS entries, etc.

The design of the injection molding tool after checking the feasibility is based on:

  • Geometry
  • molding positioning
  • number of calibres
  • Tool connection
  • suitable manufacturing process

The selection of the appropriate raw material / material mixture is based on:

  • legal requirements
  • Manufacturing process
  • Field of application and requirements of the rubber molded part

The relocation / inclusion of previously externally manufactured rubber molded parts with additional conceptual changes and production is implemented by us in just a few days and is another strength of us.