Fully automated inspection.

As part of our quality assurance, Knorr & Macho GmbH has been subjecting corresponding molded rubber parts (preferably round parts) to a fully automated, visual 100 percent final inspection since the end of 2013.

The inspection process which views the molded rubber part from above and below as well as from the side (360° all-round inspection) using high-resolution high-speed cameras, not only includes a visual final inspection of possible surface defects such as cracks, old material, holes, residual grade, etc., but also the verification of the specified dimensional accuracy including tolerances such as inner and outer diameter, ovalization, residual degree, etc.

Depending on the nature and shape of the molded part, it is individually adjusted or checked within the framework of the testing system for its standard-specific specifications and possible defect characteristics.

In addition to the actual fully automated final inspection, statistical evaluations are also possible according to different requirements.

With this type of final inspection, Knorr & Macho GmbH once again optimizes its general quality policy of the "zero-defect strategy".