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Herr Andre Wagner

Head of quality & environmental management

07021 / 950 40 – 23


Not a promise,
but a requirement.

These days quality is no longer a promise, but is understood by companies as a basic requirement for a sustainable partnership. It is all the more important to implement appropriate processes and structures from the point of view of the continuous improvement process (CIP) and thereby achieve standardized top quality.

To implement this Knorr & Macho GmbH has been committed to the certification guidelines according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 for many years, thereby guaranteeing permanent compliance with corresponding quality management processes within the entire organization. Internal process checks as well as external company audits are carried out at regular intervals and the corresponding processes and structures are repeatedly questioned.

Furthermore we run a computer-controlled quality assurance system, which is used in the context of molded part production and the final 100 percent final inspection. Likewise continuous quality measures are defined for all areas of the company and final inspection suppliers and implemented as a matter of course by all employees.

The entirety of the measures forms the basis for first-class products, satisfied customers and an economically well-positioned company.


Certified manufacture of molded rubber parts.


Sustainable work for tomorrow.

As a manufacturer of molded rubber parts we are aware that our productive actions represent a permanent and sustainable burden on people and the environment. Therefore it is our duty to reduce/optimize environmentally harmful manufacturing processes as well as general company processes using suitable measures as far as possible. The suitability appropriateness and effectiveness of this is regularly checked through internal adjustments and external audits, as well as periodic reports to the state authorities. For us the minimization of environmentally harmful actions always means an opportunity to reduce medium- and long-term costs and to feed them back elsewhere in the company.

Based on this responsibility we practice a certified environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 for all technically and economically feasible areas of the company.

The integration of all employees is another important component of our corporate philosophy and is continuously improved through appropriate information and training for environmentally friendly behavior.

therefore we are committed to the constant improvement and further development of our environmental management system with all the means and resources available to us.