Rubber grommets.


Protection and The direction of the targets.

Protection and direction requirements.

Our rubber grommets, also known as E-grommets or cable grommets, belong to the family of rubber bellows with high quality manufacturing in southern Germany.

Rubber grommets are used to protect a wide variety of electronic cables and bring them in the desired direction or to the appropriate place of use.

Applicable in many areas of the industry
Insbesondere in der Automotive Industrie kommt die Gummitülle sehr häufig zum Einsatz und ist im Rahmen seiner Geometrie sehr variabel einsetzbar. 

The production of molded grommets is also widely used in many other industries. Of crucial importance is the selection of the suitable material is here.

As a premium manufacturer and supplier of molded rubber parts, we guarantee durable, high-quality and highly versatile molding media, according to your specifications and customer-specific drawing requirements.