Rubber seals.


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Closure moldings
depending on specification.

The technical specifications for rubber seals are of immense importance. As a manufacturer from Baden-Württemberg, we develop in line with swabian tradition: perfect is just about good enough for us!

The requirements for the medium are as high as the rubber molding is versatile within the scope of its application and nature.In the technical implementation as a rubber seal temperature resistance, durability and above all reliability play a decisive role. This is especially true for mold making as well as the selection of the suitable elastomer.

An important component is the appropriate material compound. Depending on the area of application and geometric shape design, each molded rubber part is subjected to different stresses and is thus subjected to the greatest loads. In addition rubber seals in particular must be always guaranteed to be one hundred percent leakproof.

Identification through official test numbers
In many cases, rubber seals are only approved for installation with an official test number. This makes it easier to identify corresponding molded rubber parts in the event of failures, subsequently optimize them and thus eliminate future causes of faults.

Molded rubber seals are also suitable for applications with high mechanical loads or extreme temperature effects.

Whether simple round seals or highly complex geometric structures - we manufacture precision-precise and durable rubber seals in top quality for you and implement your customer-specific series requirements as a manufacturer within 4 - 5 weeks after inquiry.