Rubber membranes.


Versatile, always reliable.

Versatile in use,
always reliable.

Due to their size, rubber membranes are relatively inconspicuous - but versatile. As a manufacturer, we provide important and sought-after molded rubber parts in many industries.

Rubber membranes are used, among other things, for power transmission and transfer as well as for sealing or separating different pressure and media chambers.

Because of the low wear on sliding components, there are great advantages, depending on the requirements and user-specific design. This is possible because rubber diaphragms are not subject to start-up friction or high movement frequencies.

The material as a relevant element.
In the context of a corresponding temperature and age resistance for the area of ​​application, the selection of the material is the central component that needs to be considered.

Your supplier, Knorr & Macho GmbH, manufactures nach kundenspezifischer Anforderung  Gummimembranen und andere Moulded rubber parts in small quantities up to millions of units just-in-time. 

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