Personnel change quality management.

Our employee Mrs. Roswita Dupper, who has been responsible for the quality and environmental management at Knorr & Macho GmbH since 2011, went into well-deserved retirement in February of this year.

At this point we would like to thank her very much for the excellent and sustainable work she has done over the years and wish her all the best and good health for the future.

Mr. Ronald Götz as head leader and Mr. Alexander Rauschenberg, responsible for the area of ​​measurement technology, will take on the future tasks and requirements of this department.

Mr. Götz has been working as a QM representative and system auditor for many years with a very broad knowledge in this area and thus has all the prerequisites with his professional competence and wealth of experience.

Mr. Rauschenberg is responsible for the areas of measurement technology, measurement data evaluation, technical drawing creation and work preparation at Knorr & Macho.

We wish both of them a successful start and a good and future-oriented cooperation for the coming years.